Saturday, November 12, 2011


where do i start?

ahh, two weeks ago. that was the time i had the initial interview. one day later, i was absent again for work since i had to attend my skills exam.

imagine this: i received the text at 8:00 pm. my nursing uniforms were all in pampanga so i had to travel there to get them. woke up at 3 am so i could get at the office at 8am just in time for my presentation.

our meeting where i had the presentation ended at 11:30 am. my skills exam was at 1:00 pm. little boss had asked me to check one memo which took me until 12:30 pm to finish. at 12:45 pm, i was still at greenhills.

walking the streets, it began to rain. tears welled up as i realized how hard my situation was. i uttered a prayer for strength.

exactly at 1:00 pm, i was at san culas. manong taxi was sent by God. the skills exam started at 2:00 pm. i was called for my turn at 4:00 pm and got the results at 5:00 pm.

i passed and i moved on to the final interview.

last tuesday, i had my final interview. i knew i passed the moment i said my goodbye to the panel. actually, i had believed from the start that i can make it this far.

what made me worry was my resignation. it was so immediate that i shocked the two bosses. it was not received positively. in fact, they would not sign it.

the last time i checked, they knew i applied at san culas. so what am i missing here?

in the coming two weeks, they would be tough. in my attempt to leave in a "peaceful" manner, i may have to attend training from 8-5 pm then fly to my current work taking the night shift.

my friends tell me otherwise. and i would like to listen to their advice: AWOL!!!

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