Saturday, November 5, 2011

Toxic Cartwheels

the past few days i think would top the days where i felt the most stress. toxic!!!

the guy from london has moved to the country side and i guess, i am not to be left out with issues of change.

san culas has finally texted me. this week, we only had three working days due to the holidays. and out of that three, i went to work for only two days since i had to attend to my interviews and exams.

i passed the initial interview the other day and yesterday, i had to sell my skills. the review of my performance was unbelievable that i am close to being hired should i pass the final interview and medical exam.

what is making me feel so much stress is that if i am in with san culas, i have to resign within a span of 9 days. no certificate of employment and i have to pay my loan. though the office may have an idea, it is still hard to bring it out in the open.

i really don't want to burn bridges and i want a merry christmas. transferring means no salary for three months. that i will be living from the support of my family (no savings). and that i will be starting from zero in a new place with no assurance that i will be placed in my favorite area.

as one colleague said, it all boils down to my priority and my one big goal. will the next step bring me closer to my goal?

right now, i feel like i am doing a thousand cartwheels towards my goal.

*photos taken here and here.

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