Friday, November 18, 2011

Shut Down

second day of training.
time: 8:20 p.m.
current mood: pissed

few minutes ago, i spent 150 pesos just to reach my workplace on time. but, i did not. then my brother called me. i repeated to him my request of bringing my clothes to the laundry shop but told me he was informed by our youngest sibling to just bring my clothes at home so the housemaid will do it for me.

however, he hesitated and asked me if he is the one to bring back the clothes to manila. come to think of it, who else but him? he knows my schedule. i barely sleep and stay at home. i come late at night and i am the first one to leave the house. how is it possible that it would be me to bring back the clothes?

forgive me but i was really irritated. he could have just said okay with the laundry and just left the part of bringing the clothes in pampanga to the rooms of forgetting. but he did not.

i mean, all i need is understanding but then, even the directions i told him for the type of laundry was missed out by him. so i had to speak to him in a raised tone as i am forcing my way to the very congested roads of e. rodriguez avenue. i told him, just do nothing. leave. i will just do it by myself.

i am tired. literally and figuratively. but to get from my mom this response, " Ewan ko ba sa inyo at hindi kayo nagbibigayan. Alam mo namang tamad yan." that's it? no reprimanding or no words to correct the act of my brother? can somebody tell me which part na hindi ako nagbigay for my brother?

with the bombarded brain which i think has decreased its capacity in holding information, i just want to shut down. but as all of you know, i can't. i still have to work tomorrow.

God help me.

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