Saturday, November 26, 2011

Right and Happy

as the guy from london said his goodbyes, i was also saying mine to fundamental tossan.

there was only one person who wished me well about my departure. well, the only person who cares about my future being her friend. for that, i will be truly grateful to her.

on tuesday, it will be my last day here.

you know how i feel? i feel happy. excited. and liberated. not that i hated working here it is just that, it is about time that i think about my career and professional growth.

my training with san culas is more than what i expected. every minute counts and every lesson is valuable. the difference is the quality and i can perfectly say, i made the right choice.

in the past, i have always been plagued with negative thoughts. worse, regrets. regrets for doing this thing or for not doing the other thing. i am that of a pessimist. a realistic which sometimes borders on being cynical and somehow not trusting myself and the Creator.

i talked to the guy from london yesterday. at the exact moment he was boarding the train en route to his new home. he was happy too.

you just know when you made a right decision. it just feels right.

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