Friday, June 20, 2008

Of Sperm Cells and Egg Cells: Concepts about the Purpose of Life

I remember making an article for a friend of mine and upon putting order d\to my yahoo inbox, i found it. So I'm sharing it to you now...

The search for the purpose of life has plagued man. Many have tried to discover the meaning of their existence in ways unimaginable. Elusive it is man has succumbed to find it in wrong places and at the wrong time. Gone are the days when questions about the purpose of life come from people who have nothing to do but to think and meditate. More and more people are becoming attached to their “inner self” as they try to break away from the hustles of life. What is it in searching for that one big reason why you are here on this earth? What can one possibly get from trying to discover what he was made for? It could probably stem from the fact that there are a lot of possibilities and chances that you may not be born in this world but in fact you did. Of the millions of sperm cells and hundreds of egg cells that can combine to create a human being, two specific cells came to unite at that exact moment. Amazingly, one can only appreciate this wonder that life has and it can only lead a person to a higher thinking of the purpose, the purpose that would define his existence in this world.

With its popularity, the book of Rick Warren entitled the Purpose Driven Life has attracted people to entertain the question about that one great purpose. To realize that you are here in this world not because of an accident is heavy. It can create a new perspective in life if you really try to examine yourself. I for myself have battled this question. The same fate has befallen me as I tried to find it in self-help books, devotional materials and devoured every chance that I get to listen to people declaring that they have the answers. Over and over again, I searched for answers and in the end; I ended up with three concepts that I considered as either means or ends to that universal question-the purpose of life.

First is knowing who you are. After some point of organization in your life, you somehow feel that you are in a crossroad. You don’t know what road to take since you don’t know how you are going to deal with it. You probably have settled and won some battles in your life and it seems that this chapter of your life is ending and you need to take on a new role in a new chapter. Uncertainties and doubt of what lies ahead perplex you and you are faced with such cloud of not knowing whether or not you are prepared for that new beginnings or even the unfolding of a simple change in your life. By knowing who you are, you take a look at your strengths and weaknesses. You become connected with yourself that in a way, it defines you. It gives you a look on what you can do and what you should do with your life. With focus and new standpoint, you can now master your totality as a person to achieve whatever you set your mind to and you realize that what you have and what you are defines your purpose in life.

Second is realizing your fullest potentials. The first step will lead you to this one. Upon knowing what you can do and what you should do to make your weaknesses work for you, you now have the chance to realize your fullest potentials. The questioning of oneself about his purpose may probably stem from dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction may come from one’s job, relationships, society and all in all, his life. To this, he feels that there is something more than this mediocre way of living his life. There is something more sensible and greater goal to reach for that is why there is this certain feeling or urge of searching for that one great reason or purpose. By realizing your fullest potentials, you give yourself the chance to maximize what you have-your knowledge, skills, attitudes and talents. Through maximizing these, you end up finding that reason to go on with your life and you end up appreciating what you were blessed. That appreciation will now lead to the third concept.

Third and last is to connect with your surroundings. Having known thyself and realized your fullest potentials, you now begin to transcend the things that commonly bother people. You have now won the battles of your self. You are at peace with who you are, what you can do and what you should do. The triviality of things that formerly bothered you have now become a thing of the past. To this, your concern now extends outside yourself as you know what you are capable of. To connect with your surroundings is to extend your potentials to those needing them- your family, your community and your country. You give back to them what you realized you have. You begin to think outside of yourself as you search and serve your purpose in life.

The three concepts take us into a trip into ourselves and open the door to realizing that the purpose of life is within ourselves. Once we have opened it, we have to let other people come into that door and in the process, help them find their own purpose. It may not be easy as many people would spend their entire life just trying to find their purpose in life. But going into the three concepts that either define or answer the purpose of life, it may not be difficult.

It is for the reason that one has to open his eyes, heart and soul and be ready to embrace that very sole reason why he is living makes the search indefinable. As Robert Byrne puts it, the purpose of life is a life of purpose.