Thursday, July 23, 2009

Image is Everything

since my tweener years, i have wanted to live abroad. study and work there. for me, the real life is out there. it not situated in the burrows of my barrio life riding jeepneys and walking into knee-high floods back at home. i felt i am destined to a suburban area, going to coffee shops, meeting friends at a local pub or something.

blame it to century-old colonial mentality, i just assumed that i can be better by having a different nationality. with all the negative publicity we are flashing the whole world, i have somehow lost some love for my nationality.

recently, i discovered a website that sets up conversations with strangers. of course, the asl part is always there. in this present times, a lot of racists still exists. that is when i found out, that my being filipino is still a lot cooler than being the citizen from where i am now. it is just heartbreaking sometimes that a lot of people do not want to associate with people they consider to be inferior, uneducated or just totally lower with their status/standards.

i met a dutch, younger than me, who is really cool. i also met a korean girl who is like a younger sister to me. somehow, little by little, i am coming out of my comfort zone and starting to experience the world. it makes me feel that sooner or later, i might meet my love of my life.

at the end of each conversation, image is everything. the world pays an important attention to what we project.

i hope i am projecting myself the right way.

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