Friday, July 17, 2009

On Praying

how many times do you pray?

i have wanted to ask this question to a lot of people to where i am now. why do they pray a lot of times in the day in the "public eye" and why do they need to send a message that they are praying?

it is not that i am against praying because i pray as hard as i can but the thing is, a lot of us are making it a point that by praying, we are becoming a good people. that by praying, we are now clean.

this has brought me into a question of my own faith. i pray as much as i can and to tell you honestly, when i remember to and when i am in need. very embarrassing indeed if you would consider praying as the act of getting down to your knees and utter your own thoughts and feelings. i believe, that praying is a moment with God anywhere and anytime. even whispering your heart's voice is a moment of praying. so for me, no need to show to the whole world that i am praying right at this moment.

i say hypocrites thrive very well in this place. they say they are religious but they don't work as religious people. they say they are holy but their words are not. they say they are blessed by their own God but they do not extend it to other people.

it is maybe because i am standing on the other edge of the fence that is why i cannot comprehend the fascination of praying publicly for five times but the thing is, when you pray, you get to speak out yourself to the higher being. you shed your self and ask for repentance or whatsoever. well, we may have a lot of reasons why we pray but as for me, a change of heart with openness to the greatness of God is a prayer.

if you can excuse me, i will just pray.

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