Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nine Days of Waiting and Ten Thousand Prayers

no word still from the board to where i applied. the single response that i have been waiting for so long. the response that will direct the next few months of my stay here in egypt.

i know that the most logical thing to do is to wait and pray. i guess a man's life is composed of waiting for somethings to unfold in God's time. honestly, it is difficult.

talking to my friends back home, cautiously scanning the chances of me getting hired there, seems a little bit unclear. however, i must pursue it to reach higher grounds of being the nurse that i am trying to portray.

who would have thought that this would take so many complicated twists and turns in becoming the accomplished nurse that every college student in the philippines tries to be?

so today is my first official day of waiting for the response with a prayer in my heart. much like that of a novena.

in the end, i would just like to share this morning picture of egypt from our flat.

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