Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Picking Up What is Left of Me

so i just found out that the post i made was deleted by me accidentally. it was supposed to be a masterpiece of my intimate disgust and disbelief to where i am now and what i have become. lolz. not really. so here i am, picking up what is left of that post.

no more overtime for us. after struggling to get by the first half of the month with the super stiff and physically taxing schedule, two shifts should be removed from our schedule. great isn't it? but not really because of a power tripping Hobbit in the person of our supervisor. WTF is asking from her the permission to have your off? it is deeply maddening to even think about it. it is your off right? i understand her concern about the staffing but that problem should be solved by the house supervisor and not her. is she trying to impress everybody with her new found authority? i hope not because as of today, i hate her a million times.

oh well, i am leaving this place. yeah. this decision came up after few days of torturous shifts rooted to the impossible patients and shitty policies of the hospital. i do not want to sound ungrateful for the time i spent here. i am grateful for the experience, the little money and the friends that i have but to continue to work here in which i cannot even declare my stint here when applying to other hospitals in other countries is not just sensible.

i might as well start all over again and risk it all back home. going home may seem bleak for the difficulty of finding a job but in another perspective, it is a refreshing solution to the gloomy and exhausted me.

from now on, my ears are shut to the uninvited comments of "friendly neighbors" contemplating what had happened to me the past year. instead, my eyes are open to all possible opportunities that await me.

going back home maybe is not that scary at all. with fiona and sitti with me.

my fiona

my sitti

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