Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Care Plan

i'm dead.

well, somehow. the deadline for our first major assignment is on july 16. the day i am supposed to take our first long exam.

let us now check my progress. done with assignment? not a chance. i am stuck with the nursing care plan for mrs. bm. her altered thought processes has also altered my normal day to day activities. her forgetfulness is so infectious that i am nearly 6 days away from the deadline.

after four years, i am back doing nursing care plans. a part of my college days where i can say that i excelled. i ask myself now where that brilliance went. it has been hours when i opened my book for the list of diagnoses and interventions.

partly, my wandering ways in the cyberspace is a thing to blame. hello self-discipline! i think it is quite obvious that i don't have it. say hello to my weight!

how about my modules? i have to read until module 9 but right now, i have read only three chapters in a really serious mode. the panic mode button is still in its shell. waiting any moment for me to break the glass.

looking back, i was more of a cramming guy. i guess the adrenaline that comes with it has helped me in the past. and right now, this is something that i do not want to maintain.

but, it looks like i am heading to that direction. or until mrs. bm comes knocking at our door asking me to finish her care plan.

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