Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mildly-damp Face Towel

though relaxed and comfortable, studying through online mode can be stressful.

that is if you do not feel like getting a mediocre grade and personal embarrassment that can come from cramming and several nights of sleeping without reading a chapter or two of your books and modules.

ryan has always puzzled me about his cramming. now, i share his sentiments.

currently, i am doing an assignment due on july 16. though i have few more days to do it, i am not gonna stay passive with this one. work can be too demanding so i will take all the opportunity to do my school work.

doing my assignment feels like a mildly damp face towel that when you try to squeeze the water of it, nothing comes out. so there, my brain has nothing to offer now.

i just feel like sleeping through the night. good luck!

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