Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shifting Mode

my goal was to start with my assignment. finish some two questions and continue with searching for research articles.

but then, my troubled sister needs company over there in qatar. i know how that feels and for my sister to be the one experiencing it, it is serious. our conversation revolved in this topic: finances.

constantly challenged, we dismissed our anxieties to praying them til they feel embarrassed in pestering us.

then poan buzzed me. a sad news she started. as it turns out, lei has psoriasis. my one-year old inaanak is already suffering from a condition no one really knows the cause. genetics is a major factor but then, that won't go away.

now my talk with poan focused on the fact that lei is still more blessed over kids suffering from other life-threatening diseases.

i may not have started my assignment but i was happy i was available to people who matter to me. and of course, another entry to my blog.

now, back to regular programming.

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