Friday, July 15, 2011

Curly Tops

say hello to the newest character in my blog: curly tops! yay!

apparently, his significance from annoying almost everybody in the office has earned him the most coveted spot in my blog. well, this is just to give you a break from my rants and what not here in my home.

curly tops started with a quite positive note. then, his childish and egotistic ways has reached the pinnacle of conceitedness. his uncanny ways of bullying people has transcended to us mere mortals in the office.

what he does is place deadlines like a.s.a.p. for a 30-minute notification and asks for explanation of your report even if you have made that report for thirty times before.

his place at mt. olympus created an ambition of no one can understand its significance. he already has the power and we are just wondering why he has to be insecure most of the time.

right now, i am not happy anymore with his antics. people here are demoralized. so thank you for the other gods in mt. olympus for giving us a rest day from his ways here in the office.


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