Saturday, July 30, 2011


suffocated from the assignment, family finances and the behavior of everyone in our house, i decided to break my promise to not write in my blog until i am done with the school requirement...


then, there is this colleague of my sister who has sent her package together with my sister's. i mean, that is perfectly fine but their hesitance to stretch a bit in meeting me at the nearest mall in our house, that is insane! i have crossed about 6 towns last saturday and spent almost 600 pesos just to get the package.

that is just f***ing unfair.

what my sister told me? just think that you are doing a good thing for other people. did i just hear that? i am the usually bad guy in every place i have been.

sorry. this is just how intense i feel. as far as the assignment is concerned, i am doing my best in flexing my brain. the finances? i know God will provide. and the behavior? ugghh. i am gonna shrug my shoulders not in an attempt to ignore but to just accept the reality.

okay. i'm done wasting time and energy. back to assignment....

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