Monday, August 1, 2011


crazy weekends.

so package was delivered to the relatives of my sister's colleague after waiting for him for two hours. spent another fortune for my fare going to the mall.

still telling myself that this is a good deed for people in need.

from that meeting, much time was spent for not doing my assignment. but anyway, i was able to finish it by lunch time today and i am quite happy with my work.

prioritize charlton.

now the main event of the weekend is not my mother's rants about finances or the challenges in life but jonah's decision to leave our house and go back to their home.

from what i heard, it started from an unanswered question. my mom asked her about something but she did not give any to my mom.

you all know my monster mom. she is something of a different breed. for that, i am not taking sides.

i just know how things are.

for over a month now, people close to me are leaving. there's mark. and sherwin. now, it is jonah.

i do not now exactly how long she has been working with us. it has been so long that i was still in college when she came to replace her sister. now that i am working after coming back to egypt and my brothers are done with college, i say approximately six years.

she was eighteen years old when she came. shy. unassuming. silent. to see her now would make you instantly recognize her growth.

when no one understands me in my family, jonah is that needed strength that seeks to tell me that she understands me. there are things in my life that my own family cannot even understand. only she can give me that push.

her advice that are prompted by his uncle directs my steps and decision-making. i am comfortable whenever i come home because of her.

my clothes are clean perfectly ironed. my room is clean and she takes care of candy like her daughter.

last night, i had a difficulty starting my assignment as sadness crept into my heart over her departure. i will miss her and the space that she will create once she leaves will be truly felt.

jonah, i pray for your father's recovery. should you decide to come back, we will gladly accept you.

let us just ignore vangie's ballistic mouth.

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