Thursday, August 18, 2011


bloody greetings from the city of san juan!

if every time my brain encounters an ecg rhythm, i could just bleed. but good thing is, i am done with my advanced cardiac life support and i believe i passed.

there goes my convincing efforts.

after what, four years (?), my mind encountered again the challenges of accommodating so much information and be able to retrieve them at any given time. i was scared as hell again and had too much energy drink to keep me awake at 1:00 am and study until 6:00 am.

our group had the famous cardiologist in the hospital as our examiner. i had my moments being an employee of the institution despite my introduction as a non-bedside nurse. i think had the most number of questions tasked to identify the ecg rhythm displayed even if i had a bedside nurse working in our institution in our group.

after almost an hour, we finished the exam and i felt happy for myself.

now back at work, i kinda felt sad. depressed even. where did it come from? i guess from the fact that i am like a fish swimming in a dry land. i could swim but it is not my natural place.

how i am missing nursing.

*image taken here.

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