Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happiness in a Cup

i'm okay now.

after a mcdonald's hot fudge sundae and watching senseless videos on youtube, i'm fine. today is the first day of september. my birthday month. the month when you know that christmas is near.

it was supposed to be happy. and fine. but no, it was not.

after the other boss asked me to do a task like encoding all the audited samples from may to august and after i f***ked up the message of a phone call from my boss (that was according to him) to the revelations benj told me, i could use some breaking down.

i felt suffocated and i could not break free from the disgust that i was feeling towards some people at the jungle called the office.

it was then i decided to go home early. i wanted to scream and break down but i know i got this under my control.

not without the help of sundae. so here i am, blogging and claiming what was stolen from me: happiness.

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