Tuesday, August 16, 2011



today is my first year anniversary at work! yay! it felt like it was so fast after all the events that led me here. disapproved for u.k. nursing registration after all other things were settled. friends leaving for work overseas. getting rejected at the local hospitals here. then this- a job.

there was no celebration and i did not even tell my office mates about it. it went like another day in the my simple life.

there is a reason for the simplicity of the day. aside from having no resources to light some fireworks and eating like there is no tomorrow, my mind is still being flexed.

i am taking my advanced cardiac life support training and it feels hell. again.

after last week, i thought it was not enough. and now, i kinda question that decision as supra-ventricular tachycardia and atrial fibrillation continue to make my brows meet.

when i went to egypt to work, i had no specialized training for the critical care unit. taking this training feels like a rewind of what i did there. it is weird. not to mention, it is one hell of a challenging class.

but, i am delighted. something is going on with my life.

for that, i am happy. happy anniversary to me.

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