Monday, June 30, 2008

The Antidote

Broken but not destroyed,

Left behind but not alone,

Hurting but not dead.

You see, I'm still standing

And fighting to my last breath

Giving up is not for me.


Susan Ople said...

hey there. thanks for the link. i don't know much about you or what it is that caused you to write this poem, but as wise men say - this too shall pass. and yes, you'll be left standing wiser and stronger than before. God bless.

charltoninho said...

wow! i am so overwhelmed that you actually gave time to my blog. thank you so much!

Susan Ople said...

charlton, is it okay if i share your letter to me about the lack of nursing jobs with my panorama readers? i'd like to call attention to this problem and the best way is to share a real story about being a nurse and jobless in the Philippines. btw, yours is the second letter about this that I have received. pagkatapos, pataas na pataas ang enrollment sa nursing schools! dapat sana alam ng Ched and DOLE ito. thanks.

charltoninho said...

hi! it's okay miss susan and it will be a great honor for me.ú