Sunday, February 27, 2011


i am using two nokia phones. the ones with the flashlight. it is very light. easy to use. handy and no complications. they also serve as my ever reliable alarm clock when my urge to urinate at 6 am fails. there is no camera in each phone. no radio. no capability to hold an mp3 file. there is also no access to internet.

this is the mobile phone at its most basic form. and i am loving these two phones that i do not plan to change model. but, yeah. that would be unrealistic since i cannot even afford to eat at jollibee for 3 months now.

in my work, i am not a regular staff nurse. i am involved in quality management specifically on the nursing side. sometimes, even the linens. i do a lot of studies-time and motion. i gather and collate them to make monthly reports. it may be light sometimes but as in every work, nothing is easy.

now pardon me for not having any masteral degree. or even enrolled in a program at the moment. due to a series of events, i worked in egypt and ended up here in my present job. there were a lot of breaks but most of them were not just for me. however, i plan to get one.

so there is no need for people to emphasize my current state.

i may be using the simplest nokia model at the market right now but they serve me right. i cannot complain. i do not base my status on the latest mobile phone units.

i may not be working as a nurse right now but i have a working experience that you will never imagine to have if you are working in your current work place. besides, not many nurses are given the chance to work in quality management.

i may not hold a masters degree but i sure do know the nursing process. as an FEU Tamarraw Nurse, we are trained to utilize the nursing process. you can never graduate unless you fully know by heart the steps.

this is it. this is the last time i will ever give a damn to those people who try to belittle me.

i am not showy but i am not dumb.

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