Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have read somewhere that you do not stop when you have not achieved what you want to achieve. That you have to work harder in order to fulfill your dreams. That you need to continue searching and working what your heart truly desires.

As one entity advised, I need to have my back-up plans should my attempt to go back to my professional roots fail. With that, I might leave my comfort zone and meet new people who are more atrocious than those I regularly meet.

This is the part where my envy for little children comes in- when somebody decides for them and the only thing that matters to them is playing.

And eating when hungry.


Sonia said...

sometimes, i think that the ability to decide for ourselves is ultimately the better thing. Choices are hard, and there will always be consequences, but at least, you can safely say, that you will have no regrets.

Charltoninho said...


case in point, when my mom asks me to come to a family event i don't feel like attending.

in addition, regrets should never have a place in our hearts. to this, we can decide not to dwell on the past...