Monday, October 10, 2011

Report Card

semestral break is finally official.

let me now do an evaluation of my self as a returning student at the post-graduate level.

1. Procrastination

i believe i could ace my exams and assignments if i did not let procrastination rule over me. two of my advanced pathophysiology assignments were done in haste hence, the poor quality.

i am just hoping for a good remark on my final exam and participation from online discussions. this, i should change come next semester.

2. Higher learning

the u.p. approach is different. application and integration of concepts learned bring about higher learning. learning is beyond memorization of concepts.

as for myself, it was not really that different or difficult. this is why i believe i made the right choice in going with u.p.

3. Time management

there was a point during the previous semester when i felt so overwhelmed with school requirements in the midst of a busy work load.

with time management, i believe i will not have difficulty in fulfilling two roles- student and a q.a. and lastly,

4. Discipline

shame on me for wasting a lot of time surfing the net for facebook. really have to have discipline if i want an unblemished academic record.

overall, i give myself a grade of 7 out of 10. this is based on the grades that i have received.

in the mean time, more time for facebook and blogging. (talk about discipline)

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