Monday, October 24, 2011


I don’t know if it is just me or what but I never stay in one place. Well, after a year that is. Man as they say never knew the meaning of contentment. So here I am, pondering the things that have happened over the last few weeks which brought me to the worst flu that has hit me in recent years.

Okay. I admit, I have applied for a nursing position at the hospital of San Culas. It started a month ago when a friend told me they were hiring.

I did and not even 24 hours since my application, it has come out in the open here at the office. Talk about being busted. And awkward.

Apparently, someone from San Culas called the chief nurse of our institution asking why me (a lowly analyst) would apply at their institution. This happened few hours after I submitted my papers at their office for consideration.

In shock or bewilderment probably, the chief nurse called our office and asked if I resigned already. And poof, it became Koko Crunch!

Alarmed, big brother and big sister reached out to me if I want to be at the bedside here at fundamental tossan. I said, I will think about it. Spell hesitation. I reasoned out that the reception of the narsisas here might be different. And awkward. Besides, I made a promise that I will not make my current post as a stepping stone to achieving the fame of a narsisa.

So that was me actually refusing their offer for a nursing post. This has left me thinking if I made the right decision. But, how will I know since San Culas has not yet contacted me.

Fast forward to last Wednesday, San Culas texted me for an exam the following day. After concocting a quite believable reason for sick leave and cramming for reading my notes, I went to the battlefield with nothing to lose.

I passed the first exam, an IQ measurement of some sort. It was one of the most difficult exams that I ever took. I prayed that should I move on to the next round (pageant-like?), it is really meant for me. And yes, I did move on to the next two rounds- the psychometric and the clinical exam.

The clinical exam, which will determine if I will move on to the interview portion, was kinda okay for me. I believed that I was able to answer most of the questions which brings me to question my clinical knowledge.

Why in the world, have I not received a text that I shall move on to the next round when it was supposed to be sent since last Friday? Did I fail the exam? Or is it because the department has not yet texted anybody pending the results of other examinees?

One part of me says that I should be happy. My failure (if I did fail the exam), would mean that I would not have to deal with my student loan at fundamental tossan. It would also mean a better record for my resume since it would show that I can stay in a work for more than a year. After some time, I could then request for transfer to the bedside with the area of my choice. That would also mean I have salary for the Christmas season.

But that would necessitate longer time with botcha girl. Plus the inconsistencies of the system of which I belong.

The other part in me wishes that the absence of a text from San Lucas was just a case of unsent messages. If indeed I failed, this is such a wake-up call of my nursing knowledge.

True to the words of the recruitment personnel, answer like your life depends on it for truly, your life will change should I fail or pass the exam. In what manner? I do not know yet.

Is this a classic case of karma? Or a redirection to where I am supposed to be?


ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

karma is our perspective in life or understanding of our nature. when confronted with new situations in life, our karma is the prison which deprives us of experiencing these new situations taking us to new worlds of experience. it is discharging and/or transcending our karma which gives allows us to grow and confront the next story of our soul.

Charltoninho said...

confronting the next story is always one of the hardest tasks in the life of a grown man.

so i guess i need to set myself free in order to take it all in the lessons these new experiences bring...

ןıuǝ oɟ ɟןıƃɥʇ said...

we don't know what we don't know until we know.

Charltoninho said...

strange but perfectly right...