Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Didn't Britney

today marked one of the boldest decisions i have made in my life. i shaved my hair off!

these past few days, i have been contemplating on a lot of things. mainly, of changes and improvements.

at 24, i see myself as one who is still covered with my own cocoon. i believe that i have not reached my fullest potentials.

an introvert, there's a thousand things waiting for me should i open myself more to the world.

i didn't britney (yes, some people are using it now as a verb). i can still handle the foolishness of this world let alone my mom. it is just that, i want something that will show the world that i am now changing. for the very best of me.

predictable. yes i am. bound by rules and dictates of people around me, i am now proving them wrong.

but not in a negative way. maybe of something that is not me. or something they did not expect me to be or do.

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