Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now I Am Thankful

thinking most of the time of living somewhere other than the philippines and being with other nationalities, something hit me really hard.

pao is now based in trinidad and tobago. one of the caribbean countries, the place is such a beauty. it opened a lot of doors for pao and other filipinos as well.

now pao is a nurse and as such, he gets to interact with a lot of people. among them are the new batch of nurses who come from cuba according to him.

when i think about cuba, i think about eva mendez, cameron diaz and the mighty cuban women's volleyball team that won three straight gold medals in the olympics. i also think of cuban cigars, the magnificent beaches and havana.

joking about my fascination of gorgeous cubans, pao told me another side of them. i forgot about fidel castro. of cuba being a communist country.

he told me that these colleagues of ours are forced to work there. their salary sent directly to cuba-to their families and government. they cannot stay there for long. after two years, they are forced to go back to cuba and serve their country.

they were friendly he told me. as locals of trinidad and tobago would tend to be snobbish, filipinos would always sport the friendly spirit that we have.

i will not be ashamed in admitting that almost all my life, i have been dreaming of living in another country and marrying of another nationality. it is not that i do not love our country. it is just that i grew tired of the system in our place.

pao in the end told me that still, we are lucky. we have our phones, access to the internet and can live and work anywhere we want.

it hit me big time. at this, i suddenly thanked God that i was born as a filipino.

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