Monday, January 18, 2010

Tears from Something Good

about three drops of tears fell. it was not important. at this moment, his heart was warmed with the goodness he just witnessed.

jason ivler was caught. finally. lives were lost and broken hearts left. finally, something good happened.

as a nurse, he was unsure of his feelings though. that person, after resisting arrest and trying to do a killing spree again, was in a critical condition.

he can see the point that he took an oath to fulfill the call of his profession but the point of having to take care of a person who had cost a lot of pain is just overpowering.

he wanted to cry more but it will not work now. the experiences from his work has somehow made him easy about the feelings of death. at least of other people. this, is somehow alarming him.

yes, it was good but also bad. mixed. perplexing. but still, God wants people to believe that justice belongs to Him...

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