Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thank God for Friends!

last night, i had myself screaming on random songs for the sake of good fun. i met some old classmates but still the set of my closest friends.

last week, i spent a lot of time and money completing my requirements for uk. little by little, i am having some progress. Thy will be done...

also, i had to fight the feelings of being worthless as i had to spend a lot of effort on the other times doing nothing. yes nothing except to watch the fringe and read some books that i bought.

but no nursing books here. it was in this plight that my mom had to be a little irritating making me feel that i am doing nothing.

and so my night out had to be a punctuation mark signaling my continued goal to greatness. to better days. it was fun and i could not imagine the night getting any better.

dining at luk yuen after sitting at one of the comfy sofa sets at glorietta for three hours while waiting for my friends to arrive started my night. the food was just simply sumptuous.

after talking anything under the sun which will normally include sherwin being the grade-conscious that he is, jon's mountain of stress at work, benj's adventures at work, karen's no nonsense attitude at life and me always completing some requirements for my work in UK, we proceeded to a specific KTV to give some stretching at our own vocal chords.

song after song and after some bottles of beer, our inhibitions were gone. while at times we cannot stand hearing our own voice, we still managed to have fun at its purest form.

we had to end our night around 3 am. karen still had her masteral class to attend while benj had to prepare for his interview at 8 am.

i, on the other hand, had to go back to reality. thank God for friends!


Gram Math said...

good for you that you are surrounded with wonderful people. where are you at by the way?

Charltoninho said...

most of the time in pampanga but i do go sometimes in manila to complete some requirements.

i guess these people keep me sane so thanks to them..