Monday, January 18, 2010

Yes I Can

i was busy last week. but the kind that you just want to thank God that you are on to something great.

after a lot of mental battles, i finally chose victory by virtue of faith. i prayed hard and gaining the courage that only God can give, i decided to do my medical exams.

it was fast and much comfortable than the last i did two years back. the feeling was something that you just have to smile and be happy.

at that same day, the second pack of my application for the nursing council came. nervous of what it will require me to accomplish, i said a little prayer. it turned out to be just fine because i believe with the graces of God, i can complete them all.

to sum it up, all things are falling into their rightful places. the timing and the chances, i could not ask for more. not to forget that just this hour, i received the results of my medical exam and it was stated there that i am fit to work.

how can we turn away from something good? how can we not accept a life of goodness and abundance?

change is good, really. to me, it has provided a new perspective in me. something i want to keep for long or maybe for life.

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