Sunday, January 31, 2010

Losers' Realm

from this very moment, i promise myself to never go at websites like yahoo sports, msn sports, sports forum at pex and studio 23's coverage of the uaap.

it is just that i cannot stand my favorite players/teams losing. i get so emotional and attached to the point that i am almost afraid that i would do the same...

first is roddick then rafa. after rafa came justin at the australian open finals. then the feu women's volleyball team. who's next? am i the jinx or what?

everyone longs for victory. i mean who doesn't? that feeling of all your hard work has finally paid off is just priceless. the moments of standing up and you are not afraid to face the whole world because you are just so proud of yourself that you have made it.

but there are always two faces in a game. the victor and the loser. the thing is, we always see one face. that of the victor. but the loser? nothing.

what's adding to the stab caused by losing is that as if no one cares for you. you are left in the crowd, drenched in gallons of sweat while catching for your breath and you are just waiting for the time. that time of finally coming in terms with the fact that you lost and you just have to move on.

it's tough actually. i have been there. many times. with each moment of defeat, it does not get any easier.

was it because of the underdog mentality that many of us would wallow in defeat while waiting for the strike back? i believe that in losing, we are winning.

but in which area? probably of character formation. in losing, we are faced with the reality that not all times we are the victor. that at some point during the process of preparing and engaging in the battle, we made some mistakes.

lingering adamantly, we pick up the pieces. broken, we stand up. regrouping with so much focus, we swim out our way to the losers' realm.

in losing, i close my eyes and breathe air to my head. flushed with blood and emotions of staggering intensity, i pray in thanksgiving that it is finished and another one will begin...

my tribute to rafael nadal and andy roddick who both retired at the quarters in the recently-concluded australian open and to justin henin who was defeated during the finals in the same tournament.

this one also goes to the feu womens' volleball team who after winning two sets early on succumbed to losing at the deciding set that would shut the door for a final four appearance.

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