Monday, February 1, 2010

2. Learning

i would not want to go with the cliche. it is already given but truth be told that doing it is quite challenging.

learning that is.

now i would like to think that i am an intellectual being. much to what i ascribe as my little success came with hard work and my intelligence if i have any.

you see, when i graduated, my passion for learning has somehow dwindled. in a profession that continues to evolve, learning how to learn is a must.

each day, a new research finding changes the course of our practice and with each new finding is a decay on my stock knowledge.

skills are another issue. when you have the knowledge, it should be coupled with skills for one must learn how to apply the principles learned for utilization and realization of a scientific truth.

attitude is a third one. oh i am such a failure at this aspect! not minding my tendencies to deviate from the normal, i still have much to learn and to live by.

some literary finds? checked. nursing books? checked (though half-heartedly haha). nursing journals? checked. new language? spanish checked. how about some friendly and cheerful vibes? checked. social opening? checked.

well i will have to re-evaluate from time to time.

and as for this second month of the year, i vow to learn and to continue to learn. it should come to me now that learning has always been my friend and my lover when no one stood to care for me.

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