Thursday, February 25, 2010

Punishment in Exchange for Positive Results

yesterday was totally a different day.

first, there is the pressure of having to go through the visa application center. second, that pressure made me want to piss like every thirty minutes. third, my shoes were killing my feet.

tuesday, at the office. ms. teena is an obsessive compulsive person like me! she had to check every detail of the documents and even had to arrange them in the exact manner as written in the checklist. now i am confident.

me, as the usual o.c., failed to deliver that day. i forgot to photocopy some documents and i kept on forgetting some minor details. good thing ms. teena was there to remind me always.

i also went to St. Clare after all documents were properly arranged and corrected. guidance is what i asked for. St. Clare has been my patron saint since high school.

come yesterday, those three things made my day different.

the pressure was always there. scared of what to expect and afraid of committing errors, i was so damn nervous and pressured to deliver. this lead me to the second thing- having to relieve myself every thirty minutes or so!

take for example the first fucking experience with me pissing in the most unfortunate time. i had to take off at paramount for me to be able to catch the mrt at the north avenue station. riding the bus from pampanga to paramount, the bus was cold so it had to bulk up the fluids accumulating in my bladder.

at north avenue station, i had to search for comfort rooms but alas, most establishments were still closed as it was too early!

yes urinals my friends. the solution depended on these quite filthy and smelly pink now green mmda urinals.


the thought was just quite unacceptable for me. pissing in those things with all people passing beside me? no.

but then again, i am just a human with physiologic needs. i had to satisfy them first before i ca be self-actualized.

so i did it after making sure there were only few people passing. it was heaven at its finest! the comfort of having to rest your bladder was simply nirvana.

but nirvana was just short as my shoes started to eat my toes. i had to take all the beating as i want to look good while applying my visa.


i just hope i get positive results. i had to swallow my pride in using those mmda urinals and i had to punish my toes with my shoes. not to mention the palpitations i felt while waiting for my turn to be called at the visa center.

the things you would do just to achieve something...maddening. amazing. entertaining.

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