Saturday, February 6, 2010


and so i over-reacted. i guess it was that moment that i had to go through to finally see how will i do should i go to uk in the future.

i believe that i did just fine. while drinking red wine, i had my family around me so i was just still at my comfort zone with the occasional friends of our family chatting with my parents.

kuya alex finally sent a copy of the reference forms that i have been asking him to help me accomplish. they are the last forms that are needed to be submitted for uk.

if God willing, after the nursing council in uk have received those forms, i will be waiting for the decision letter that i am now able to take the overseas nurses program. it is actually a bridging program for nurses trained overseas outside the european union.

then comes the visa and finally, arrangement of my flight to uk. oh God, i leave it all to You...

i pray that on or before march, i am already in the uk. got to help the family with regards to our finances and of course, i need to be doing something worthy.

to tell you honestly, i have come to love my profession now. seriously. after all the experiences that i had be it happy or sad, all took their part in molding me.

i can still remember before i went to egypt, i was really yearning for a job. when i got in egypt, boy was it a lot of work for me to take! i lost 12 kgs during my first month! and so, right now, i am taking things as they are.

enjoying every opportunity that i can, i am thinking of doing the things i might not be able to do if i will be leaving soon for uk.

over-reaction is i believe a way to protect our ego which is on the brink of a self-predicted doom. but sometimes, it is grounded in just pure thoughts. thoughts of uncertainty. of the unknown.

in the end, i am learning. all lessons learned are written on this blog of mine. my adventures, failures and little joys and successes are all here.

but i just hope not to over-react again. ever.

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