Saturday, February 6, 2010

Get Busy

being the obsessive-compulsive that i am, i decided that i should have order with the affairs of my not-so-busy life.

i was always complaining that my life is becoming nothing but boring when in reality, i really wanted to do something great. perhaps try something new.

i always crave for order. for system. that is why, having a schedule for my daily activities will help me avoid watching senseless videos. those that corrupt my not-so-innocent mind.


i am trying to learn spanish. still a lot to learn but it is a great start for me.

i am reading some nursing books again. right now, i am but thirsty for more knowledge.

i just finished reading the street lawyer by john grisham and the prisoner in a red rose chain by jeffrey moore. both i have enjoyed reading.

i am starting to enjoy watching soccer. before, i am so bored watching men run after a ball for much of the whole game. little by little, i am enjoying the adventure of having to get through tough defense just to get the ball to the goal. i especially love the spanish national team. vamos espana! go for the world cup this year!


my temper? i'm keeping it controlled for the most part. i just can't understand why my sister get into my nerves so easy. but, i am doing all i can.

even with the twins, i am gonna keep it low for now and as long as i can. it just comes to a point in my life that i am tired all of these resistance from what i cannot seem to change.

even with my mom i supposed. surprisingly, i seem to tolerate her this week. i hope it continues.


with all of these things, i wonder what's in store for me next week? i guess i have to keep doing what i do good and to stop doing that makes me bad.

pray more i guess for that one dream that i have been dreaming for. eat less. continue my 2-hour walk in our lawn. go outside my room more often. sing more and smile a lot.

and as for the second life lesson that i shall try to cover as well starting this month is learning.

now i am starting to get busy...

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Gram Math said...

they said that its easy to learn spanish, that was according to my relatives since they have spanish before in college. I tried learning but never made it, I have other things to do. good luck to you, amigo