Wednesday, February 17, 2010


so i just came back from being awake for a straight 17 hours!

what do we have here? well, God really gave to me what i was missing- some nursing work!

i thought yesterday was just one of those days wherein i was doing really nothing significant. after all, the visit from my cousins did not not evoke a single moment of joy or excitement.

as usual, i opted to stay home instead of visiting the sister of my grandma in the hospital. there is always a lot of people visiting so i believed my absence would not matter at all.

back at home, i was blog hopping when somebody was at our gate calling for me! it was this neighbor of ours who frequents the house to have her blood pressure taken. apparently, there is another neighbor who is not feeling well and she suspected she might be hypertensive.

after preparing myself, i went with here. it turned out, our neighbor exactly opposite our house had a really bad headache, some tingling sensation, vomiting and peed on herself.

gathering some history while monitoring her blood pressure every 5 minutes or so, i suggested she be taken to the hospital for check-up. the old lady is really in bad shape as her blood pressure has not stabilized while i was there.

after letting her rest for some time, they decided to take her to the hospital and i got home while giving me some tokens of appreciation. it was so public health nursing but i felt good.

upon returning home, then came the news that me and my sister are to take the turn for watching our grandma at the hospital staying through the whole night.

so i just got back with no sleep...

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