Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yet Another Wait Again

i got a call from my aunt in london last night. she was asking me about my application. furthermore, she cautioned me to make sure that my agency is clean as they were able to read a news from their side about certain bogus agencies through internet.

i knew mine from the website. nam even told me he will check the hospital if they are really hiring overseas nurses come next month when he visits rian.

calm. composed. it was i. i never showed any signs of doubt or worry in the tone of my voice. i trust in Him. i have faith in Him.

all of the processes that i took are clearly legal and according to the standards in u.k. to add, i have not paid any centavo to the agency here. in fairness to them, they are really helpful in every step of the way even if most of the time, i am communicating with the agents in u.k.

i have heard of certain people also going to u.k. these past few months. the demand is there. pictures and testimonies are enough for me. but then again, it is better to be careful.

i will have to wait again.

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