Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Protection From V Spirit

can someone take me to a place where it is not affected by the valentine's day spirit?

seriously. someone needs to consider our feelings.

yes, we people who are not in luck to have someone in their lives right now. but no, i am not being bitter. it is just that, we have the right to be normal at these times.

i am really confused. a lot would say that love is not to be pursued. it comes to you. then again, the real world is waiting for you to open up because as far as i am concerned, that kind of story only happens in movies.

i have seen stories of people finding love when they were not even looking. encouraged probably by His promise for me, it is the only logical thing that i can do.

there are thoughts that i keep telling myself. that i can only be in a relationship if i have resolved certain issues bugging my life.

that i should have the money to maintain it. that i need to be comfortable on my own skin. that i can break free from the boring and stiff facade that i have.

maybe it really is the arrangement. or perhaps not. oh well, i might just admit to myself that i am the dumbest person when talking about love.

however, someone needs to protect the rights of the single during these times. or else, i will need a ticket to siberia...

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