Saturday, February 27, 2010


i though i had punished myself yesterday.

after all, it was the first day of the three-day sale at sm pampanga. when i speak of sale in the context of kapampangans, it is crazy.

trust me. known for being "galante," i would say many of kapampangans are really spendthrift. just imagine now the congestion the mall could get at these times.

the purpose was really to buy a new luggage for me. old one is still functional but it can get a little bit uneasy as i had to contend its duality as a luggage and a mere duffel bag.

in my mind, i would want to spend more on the jacket i will have to wear. i want it fashionable but of good quality. i want those i see from gq or details. perfect fit and perfect style.

since i was not paying, i obliged to their suggestion. paying it was really an affirmation that all things will work together for my good.

now that is faith.

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