Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crazy Thoughts

i usually do not have dreams. or any that i can remember when i wake up.

probably because of my sleeping habits, i tend to go to bed when i am really sleepy. it is like the moment i hit the bed, i close my eyes and when i open them, it is already morning. a new day.

over the past few weeks, i found it strange that i happen to have a lot of dreams. or scenes that i can vividly remember.

where i work before, we have a bus service from our flats to the hospital and vice versa. but at that moment, i was walking on a street. face straight to the path, i did not give any care to the coming vehicle. as soon as the vehicle had passed, i realized it was the hospital's bus and on board are my colleagues in egypt.

in that sequence, i did not ride the bus. i firmly knew in my heart, that i do not have to ride the bus.

that was the first.

airport. departure area. the usual obsessive-compulsive that i am, i carefully checked my things. giving utmost attention to my travel documents, i waited until it was time for boarding.

that was the second.

among all other things, i had moments wherein i was already in uk, working and adjusting to the british life.

well, these are my thoughts that almost occupy my every waking moment. and whenever i see the name of my agency or uk in everywhere i go, i feel something that is burning with joy.

while i saw the 6th falling star last night from my 2-hour walk, i wished again for that one special uk dream that i have. how many times did i wish for that same thing? will it ever happen?

i tried to wipe the sweat with my shirt and then this crazy thought came to my mind again. i was wearing a hard rock t-shirt with, guess what, london as the place below the logo!

was it coincidence or what? well i really do not know. but, He knows and that is just one calming reassurance that i had to take in to sedate those dreams and thoughts that frequent my mind.

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