Thursday, February 25, 2010

Split Emotions

have you ever felt that feeling of being overwhelmed with so much joy but at the same time you are so afraid that it won't last that long?

i did and it was just yesterday.

i felt weird actually. while waiting for my number to be called at the counter, i felt my lacrimal glands swelling up. but i had to stop there.

the joy of watching the tv presentation of what is there in u.k. was just too much for me as i realized i am so close to finally coming there.

wimbledon, football games at the manchester stadium, visiting the national park shown in p.s. i love you, london pubs, topman clothes, eye of london, having to study there in the future and a lot more.

however, i had to pinch and remind myself that i still had to arrange some things.

that would include the approval of my visa and the reference forms from egypt to be received by the nmc.

at least, i had to console myself by getting a copy of the promotional booklet of britain's travel guide.

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