Saturday, February 6, 2010

Let's See

no! no! and did i say no?

okay, i am over-reacting again. how am i supposed to react about this?

you see, i was invited to a dinner later with a family friend of ours. truth is, i never really enjoyed the company of any of our family friends.

scared probably. honestly, the introvert me is really there. worst, i cannot even loosen up with them. oh God, help me please?

last time i was with them, i can still remember myself wiping my sweaty forehead after 4 attempts of having to inject a medicine intravenously, take this, without a tourniquet!

to add to the injury, i was always being asked if i already have a girlfriend. hello pressure? hello embarrassment?

it is not that i do not want to share the little that i know. or the experiences that i had gone through. but, i don't know. a lot of hesitations on my part probably because i am afraid of being judged or thought of as a lesser person.

i have always been the silent type, well, with new people. my friends who truly know me are sometimes bewildered how i can transform from a sheep to a wolf sometimes.

it is not that i wear a facade. again, i am just being a no-nonsense person, sometimes. this i would like to believe and to tell myself.

the good heaven maybe is trying to answer my wish, that i become a more sociable person.

well, let's see.

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