Friday, January 21, 2011

Becoming Ryan

it was through nam that i met him. well, online that is. until they came over here in the philippines and my life was never the same.

i was not pervy. the type of person who will always comment on blogs to get the blogger's attention. or for that blogger to follow me. while me and nam would chat, he was just there. attracting me to finish reading his entries in two straight nights.

was it the idea of me being able to reach my dreams as well? or the dominant mothers that we have? possibly the occasional emotional meltdown. perhaps the insecurities that plague us every once in a while.

or probably the drama that defines every moment of our lives.

it was actually surprising that in one of our conversations, we have both realized that we are actually the same. he stated that i was actually the "Ryan" few years back and me telling him that i think i will be like him.

but there are exceptions.

like him, being a social butterfly. (i just heard nam and ryan puke for hearing this word a billion times.) he socializes easily with people. he is just plain nice. and flirty haha which passes as his charm to dominating the whole world.

he also sings! which, unfortunately, is not the same situation for me.

he is so health conscious that my man boobs would be embarrassed in seeing his fit body.

when we met on a one lovely night, his accent won't register in my ears. i was like an old computer with an old microprocessor when trying to respond to him.

to tell you honestly, i'd like to embrace that thought. that i will be like him in the future.

professional at work. determined to finish every task given. these things are actually okay with me.

but to be fun loving, spontaneous and unafraid to love oneself and others will be challenging for me.

i guess i need to shave my head first just like him.


rian said...

can i repost this??? too late... coz i am gonna.

Charltoninho said...

you just did haha