Wednesday, August 25, 2010


i am not handling any patients with my job now.

for one, it will be a relief. no messy work. no medications to give. no abusive doctors. no relatives to accommodate. no risk to infections. no tiring work. no night shifts.

but today, i was perplexed. perplexed if i really prefer to have no patients to take care of but rather work with nurses. little by little, i am realizing the nature of my work. and that it is not easy. oh well, no work is easy. it will always have challenges along the way.

i work with nurses now. i am in the other side of the world. from what i see, nurses here are stubborn and fearless. fearless of their actions. i do not know where they get their confidence but thing is, their confidence is not in the rightful place. i have worked with patients before and i know what busy means. it is hard and complicated that if you are poor in time management skills, you will end up disorganized and lost with all the work that you have to finish.

for three days now, i am becoming disappointed with the way nurses work. i see them as not responsible and mindful of their acts. it maybe a hasty generalization but allow me just for now. i am still shocked. it makes me miss my previous work but just a little. looking back to the past is useless now. i can only bring the lessons that it has taught me.

in my own assessment, i do not see myself doing this work for long. i think it is more stressful than handling patients. at least, your concern ends within 12 hours but with this job? it can go on for weeks!

so where is contentment and positivity? i may have to borrow them from my previous posts.

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