Wednesday, August 25, 2010



i woke up at 6:30am knowing that my work starts at 8:00 am. i thought, waking up early was not bad at all. it means that i have a job.

at work, nurses were not cooperating to our study. i thought, having my job means knowing that i am not one of those uncooperative staff members. that i am not doing harm to any patient.

still at work, my boss required me of something that is not yet finished. i just gave him an update, not the finished one. i thought, at least my concern now does not have any communicable disease that can infect me.

going home, i had to do a lot of household chores since my brothers were not in the mood to help. i thought, at least i have food, water and a house that i have to maintain.

so today, i am going to put in my mind that my perspective towards life is the most important one.



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