Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Speech

sometimes, i want to get out of myself.

once out of my body, i will have to give the most sarcastic and in-your-face speech so that i can give some love to the always pessimistic me. i am known for those speeches. those that can stir up your sleeping consciousness to what is true, obvious and right. my friends had it and i believe that it is time that i take some dose of my own medicine.

they say that when you are experiencing love problems, it is best to ask for advice from people who are not in love. and when in this situation that i am in, i only get advice from people who are the most amazing people that i know. they are not perfect but they do just fine. they face each day as something to be thankful. believing in themselves that today is another chance to fulfill your dreams. they also struggle with life. yet they do not succumb to perpetual moments of being lost and hopeless.

none of those people i admire can shove the truth in my face. to look back now with those moments of me being the usual person who constantly knows what is right, i feel like i deserve some speech.

a damn compelling speech that can make me blush in pure realization that i am being nonsense.

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