Saturday, August 21, 2010


after six days, i am back.

i started last monday with my new work. after almost a year of doing nothing, i was finally doing something.

it felt like everyday, i was in a sauna. the room where i am staying with my brothers that is. even with two electric fans, it was still hot. so imagine me getting up for work. with this job, i have to be in formal attire as our uniforms are not yet available. the humid philippine weather plus the sauna effect of the room had me sweating even before i get to start work.

my first day was something unforgettable. the traffic in san juan was not the worst but still, it made my heart beat faster thinking if i will make it on time. the bus that i rode did not help as well. the air condition system was dripping and made my bag and my sleeves wet! people were standing in the aisle of the bus and made it difficult for me to get out of the vehicle. it was like a challenge getting to work.

nervous as hell, i arrived in the human resources office so they can endorse me to my department. however, the guy who will endorse was late. so i had to wait. and wait again. for almost an hour! when i arrived at our office, i did not know how to react or carry myself with the new group. good thing, my office mates were helpful and accommodating.

the day ended with me riding in the car of my boss to get to the bus terminal. the other days were spent on reading and immersing myself with the system of the hospital. met some people of the nursing division with whom i will be working most of the time. did a lot of things that i have not been doing for the longest time.

i think i will like my new work. it will mean a lot of reading, studying and paper works. something very far from the real nursing job. but i welcome this change though sometimes, i feel something sad about me not doing what a nurse usually does. the thought that my parents do not actually understand why i had to say yes to this job can also bring a certain gloom. when these feelings strike me, i think about the benefits of my current work and i begin to feel good again. that i am blessed and that God will lead me to where i am supposed to be.

the process of moving on is finally gaining momentum. i do not see it as easy but i will end up as a better person.

cheers for my new job!