Saturday, August 21, 2010

Power of Speech

when i was in high school, i did some oratorical and interpretative reading contests. i also had some speech classes in college.

last wednesday, my boss asked me to attend an oral communication workshop along with two of my office mates. the workshop was for those staff who are for promotion so me attending the class was not actually appropriate. it was my third day but i guess my boss had the power to convince the training department.

i met the head nurses of the different units. i was silent. i did not know the people who were there. so the first exercise of the workshop was my introduction to the people. i was nervous. but my experience and training did some magic to my speech.

they were surprised i guess for they did not expect it from me. in addition, i am from the quality management department but i am a nurse. so surprise! at the end of the day, my two office mates were telling our boss that a lot of people would like to pirate me to their own departments. there is the infection control and the training department. i just had to assure my boss that my loyalty is with him since it was him who gave me a chance when nobody wanted me.

maybe in the future. but not now. i am still in the process of enjoying the thought that i am finally working.

i guess there goes the power of speech.


Anonymous said...

wow confident. buti nkasama ka sa tough 10. congrats! dont forget the british accent while making rounds.

rian said...

hahahahahaha.... true!

Charltoninho said...

@nam: of course! especially if there is a major, major mistake from the nurses!

@rian: work, work, work at work ulit!