Saturday, October 23, 2010


as the jeepney hurried its way to divisoria, she caught the driver's attention. it was rainy. and dark. but her figure was not hard to miss.

in an instant, the driver gave her the respect by stopping. we waited. i and the other passengers in the jeepney. we had to since the driver was desperate for her. the two old ladies on my side barely moved to give space for the special passenger.

her feet were sandaled by a purple design which had to be really not comfortable for rain. mud will eventually find its places. but, she didn't mind. the purple sandals were not enough as her blouse decided it was just fitting to be in the same shade. hair rebonded and fingernail all polished in blue with flower details in the center. her teeth were shining from the wires of the braces. her cheeks were powdered with pink substance that made her face appear pinkish under the yellow light from the not earth-friendly bulb.

even if it was raining, it was still hot. and humid. but, she didn't care as she gently tossed her hair back to the sides while she had to send text messages to an unknown receiver. she reached to her purse and took a 20-peso bill. i estimated that it was around at 4 decibels when she said that the money was for one passenger, that was obviously her. she rapidly decided that sending text messages was more important than getting her change as manong driver had to repeat the question as to how many passengers will be paid with the 20-peso.

no one from the jeepney answered for her. in the sheer silence of the travel, manong driver had to ask again. this time, he did not fail. she then decided to utter some inaudible words since she thought it was too loud to speak at above 4 decibels. sensing it was not working, she used some hand gestures all in her delight to display her polished nails.

at last, the communication was successful! she was then back again in the comfort of her mobile phone. evidently, she was oblivious to the fact that she was inviting harm to her end as robbers were plenty in that area. honestly, i wished for her to be robbed. for her mobile phone to be snatched but that would endanger me as well.

the message was sent successfully as now, she was surprised that she almost missed her destination! she instantly informed the driver that she would be getting down from the jeepney but you guessed it! it was meant for no one to hear her request.

so i laughed in a simple and covert manner with the devilish details as she had to walk a few steps towards her destination. the two old ladies had to remark that she was really "MAARTE."

i could only nod in agreement.

girl, your being MAARTE and Pa-Cute won't make you any prettier. even the make-up and braces won't lift your place from the abyss of being worthless to the surface of beauty.

accept it!

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