Friday, October 29, 2010

The Grinch for Halloween

well, i'm pissed.

not just the simple-why-don't-i-forget-it kind of pissed. for one, i am pissed with half of my family. second, my mind will not let it slip away. lastly, tomorrow is the birthday of the twins and there will be a small celebration. spell awkward!

thing is, it was really planned that i will go home tomorrow since i will buy flowers and stuff for the all souls' day on monday. i am fine with that. my simple way of helping out.

while other souls will be scented with flowers and lighted with candles, my soul is now confined in the four corners of our small room in manila. alone. nothing to do. so just imagine losing the chance of sleeping in my comfortable bed in pampanga for tonight while wrestling with boredom here.

what pissed me off was the fact that i was not buying any flowers anymore. when did i learn of this? the time when the long lines at the bus stations would rival any sarah geronimo-john lloyd cruz movie and when the two-lane roads become four.

if my sister did not text me that i won't be buying anymore, i could have wasted 600 bucks tomorrow. so an inquiry was sent to confirm. but, no reply from my adorable brothers nor did my aunt know about this who was the one who asked me to buy. i had to clarify things since i didn't know if the ones that they have bought were only for our family.

after few hours, they finally sent me the message. when all the loneliness i have been feeling have reached its saturation point and when there was no chance of going home to pampanga. oh the pathetic me!

i was thinking, paulo could have been forgivable. he was driving. but my parents and marco were not driving. if they had the intention to buy, they could have told me earlier while they were on their way to the store. then, they could have informed also my aunt so i won't be confused.

tell me, am i being too ideal? or perfectionist in this situation? they always tell me that i am hard to please. that my standards are too high for them. yeah, sometimes i am. but how about this one? i need to know since i am really pissed.

tomorrow, i will again assume the role of the resident snob in the house. now you know my halloween character.

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