Sunday, October 31, 2010


at this very moment, i feel like stopping the world from spinning so i can just free myself from life's detours.

i am sensitive. but i try not to overdo it. i just wish i can do something. to hear the problems that befall on us, worthless is what i feel.

now i know that my faith tells me that i should hold on to God's promise. to stop and remember that He never fails. i hope i can do it.

when you are challenged financially, it seems that your world is being narrowed. what seems to be important was never really significant.

malling becomes a physical activity. clothes are really just for protection. for cover. phones are really for sending and receiving text messages. food is what is served in the house.

i was telling benj that in my two-month stay with my current job, i have not really bought anything that i can consider as a luxury. it is a good thing though since times are hard for the family. i am not complaining; i am just stating a fact.

a column in the newspaper today mentioned about letting God do His thing. our human mind fails extensively in that what we think is good for us should happen in our own expectations. truly, i have never doubted my existence as a human being.

i am saying goodbye to october in hopes that by few minutes from now, i can peacefully sleep with confidence that tomorrow will be a better day.

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