Saturday, October 9, 2010


was it because of my failed attempt to work in the u.k.? or my demeanor towards them?

things are beyond my control over that u.k. thing. the Lord knows how i wanted to work there. about my demeanor, i admit that i falter sometimes in controlling my temper. no, not my temper. my tendency that i think the world should run according to how i wanted it.

but i have been good these past few weeks.

so it is just sad that other people are able to look at your potential for success while those people you expected did not even see the possibility. moreover, their dejection is so obvious that the feeling of being useless is not hard to miss.

now i know why i am not thrilled about my work.

it is unfair for my work to harbor these toxic feelings. i am appreciated there. i get to meet new friends and even if the salary is low, i am thriving.

i choose to be positive. i choose happiness that can come from a contented heart. i choose faith. faith that can sustain me through all these storms. i choose freedom. freedom from all those unnecessary thoughts that dampen my spirit to live life to the fullest.

it is my choice now.

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